2016 Awards | Wylarah

Sydney Fine Food Awards Winner

Wylarah was awarded Champion Wagyu, The Dick Stone Perpetual Trophy for Grand Champion Grain Fed Beef and Best in Show for Branded Beef at the Sydney Fine Food Awards this month.

This was the first competition outing for the new Wylarah brand and clearly demonstrates its prowess in eating quality.

Incredibly, the winning sample actually had a “W” pattern running through the marbling of the striploin cut – a sure sign this would be a hard sample to beat!

The award winning sample came from an animal that was bred at Wylarah Station, in southern Queensland.

“We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that every eating experience of consumers buying AACo branded beef exceeds their expectations” said Jason Strong, AACo Managing Director.

“We’re absolutely committed to ensuring that this eating experience can be predicted and performs to our customers’ expectations every single time.”

The Sydney Royal Fine Food Show branded beef competition is judged by experts including farmers, end users, chefs, food media and experienced palates, with credentials covering academic expertise and technical knowledge.

The Stone family presented the Dick Stone perpetual trophy for Grand Champion Branded Beef to AACo CEO Jason Strong, joined by Stuart Davies, RAS (Pictured above)

Wylarah Marbling

The winning Wylarah sample had a “W” pattern in the marbling


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