Wylarah Station

Wylarah Station is a very special place, it’s where the magic starts with Wylarah beef. Crisp mornings and big skies start each day. Our farming families channel their passion into skilfully raising cattle, and stewarding the land. At Wylarah, our breeding and selection program uses the latest genetic resource management tools including DNA analysis, intra-muscular scanning and carcass scanning, customised breeding indexes and performance measurements so that we can select only the very best cattle.

Born on Vast Pasture,
Raised on Native Grasses

Wylarah cattle are born wild and raised on some of Australia’s most iconic stations. Aussie for ‘ranch’, stations need their own name because of their scale – our average station is four times the size of Singapore. Vast pastures of natural grasses like Mitchell grass nourish our cattle where they roam free. Pure, mineral-rich waters impart a delicate flavour unique to the best Australian beef.

Raising Cattle is a Passion

Art is made by artisans. Everyone that comes into contact with our cattle is there because they love cattle and are passionate about producing the best quality beef in the world. They believe that the best product comes from happy, healthy cattle.

Each station is stewarded by families who dedicate their lives to the land and to providing their cattle with the best lives, free from stress. These families live on and work with the land and cattle and take great pride in delivering the best steak from their home – our station – to your plate.

Marcus Doumany

Goonoo Feedlot

Ally Doumany

Manager’s Assistant & Office Administrator

The Right Cattle with the Right Nutrition

Our cattle came to Australia from Japan more than two decades ago. Their lineage traces back to the mighty Westholme herd, and those 173 foundation cattle can be traced right back to their lineage in Japan.

The clean air and natural grasses on our pristine stations provide the best start to life for our cattle, and a great flavour base for Wylarah beef.

Wylarah is finished on a proprietary blend of grains including wheat, sorghum and oats, sweetened with molasses for trace minerals. The grains are freshly milled every morning to provide the best nutrition. The grass and grain work together to deliver intense marbling, complexity, and depth of flavour.


Wylarah calves get tagged at a very early age so that we can capture every detail of their life. We record their parentage back through generations. We measure their weight. We track their paddock movements. We record their vaccination dates to ensure they are healthy. Every calf gets a unique radio frequency ID that we record all this information against, and a visual tag we can read in the paddock so we know their full health and parentage history. This helps us to care for those animals and also helps us make decisions for the next generation, so that we’re always improving the quality of beef for our customers.

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