The Wylarah Story

Wylarah is the most outstanding, extraordinarily special beef produced by the Australian Agricultural Company (AACo).

Depth, complexity and mastery produce a perfect ‘umami’ that has been likened to ‘beefy foie gras’. The exacting standards of Wylarah mean only the most exclusive cuts from the most exclusive animals ever achieve Wylarah certification.

It’s not just Wagyu – it’s Wylarah.

Wylarah Station

Wylarah Station, located in Southern Queensland, Australia, is run by farming families who are passionate about the land and raising the best beef in the world.

Wylarah Station is the home of the mighty Westholme herd, where it all begins. This elite stud herd contains some of the best Wagyu genetics to ever leave Japan. A small group of highly prized, elite Japanese Black cows and sires set the foundation for the herd, which now produces breeding bulls for our Wagyu operations.

We combine traditional farming with leading technology and innovation to produce the best beef you’ll ever eat.

Wylarah Farm

To produce beef that meets the standards of Wylarah, cattle need carefully balanced nutrition right through their life, as they grow on pasture and are finished on grain. Run as part of Wylarah Station, Wylarah Farm produces fodder and grain crops that nourish our cattle and produce the intense marbling that Wylarah beef is famous for.

Passion to Perfection

Wylarah is like no beef you’ve ever tried before. It’s unique. It’s rich. It’s indulgent. It’s deep and complex and it’s the very best of the best.  It is, like most things, better experienced than contemplated.