An exceptional eating experience

Experts share their tasting notes on Wylarah:

“Pleasant sweetness, finely textured, toasty, biscuity, layers of richness.”

“Good texture. Beautiful popcorn, herbaceous, buttery, toasty, creamy, caramel, rich beefy flavours. Finishes well off the back palate.”

Awards &

Wylarah  is consistently lauded for quality and excellence
by some of the beef industry’s most passionate connoisseurs.


trophyWorld Steak Challenge
Gold Medal


Sydney Royal Fine Food Competition
Champion Wagyu Beef


Sydney Royal Fine Food Competition
Grand Champion
Grain Fed Beef


Sydney Royal Fine Food Competition
Best in Show
Branded Beef

Hand Selected Cuts

When you choose Wylarah, you are choosing the very best.

You can have absolute confidence Wylarah will always deliver, because we’ve done all the hard work in growing the best cattle, and hand selecting only the best cuts.

The Terroir of Wylarah

More than Wagyu – it’s Wylarah.

It’s the vast pastures of Mitchell grass dancing in the breeze at dawn. It’s the wet season and the dry season, the trials and triumphs of a land that breaks hearts, builds character, and produces the beef that makes Australia famous. Like fine wines, our steaks reflect the character of the land, the families that steward it, and the cattle’s unique breeding and nutrition.

Natural grasses, pristine clean air, pure water and freshly milled grains selected according to season produce the terroir of Wylarah.

It is arguably the world’s best Wagyu, recommended by chefs and adored by diners. It is, like all truly great things, better experienced than contemplated.

Chef Danny

Chef Danny from the esteemed Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse in Toronto
shares his thoughts on the terroir of Wylarah beef.

Wylarah Certification

Wylarah is an exquisite and unique product. We have designed a unique, tamper-proof carton to protect your order, and every Wylarah delivery will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. It’s a symbol of prestige, provenance and exclusivity, an affirmation that what you order is what you’ll eat.